Alpha Delta Kappa - Zeta Chapter - Mary Ann Turley

Alpha Delta Kappa - Zeta Chapter - Mary Ann Turley

The open road beckoned to a pretty young Arkansas Traveler who saw opportunity in the Golden State and headed west. So began the journey of Miss Mary Ann Weatherton to a new life embedded in education, new friendships and a blossoming family.

What a transition from the University of the Ozarks to Long Beach Unified School District where she taught typing, business and shorthand at Stanford, Washington, and DeMille Jr High Schools and ending at Lakewood High School. Her education continued at CSULB where she earned a Masters Degree and even after retirement, she continued to teach part time at School for Adults. Night and day, year in and out, her life was dedicated to education.

She became Mary Ann Turley and her family blossomed as son Brent grew into a fine young man, married and gave her the gift of two dark haired grandsons, Luke and Elijah, now in high school and always the pride of their grandmother’s eye. They often visited her and were lovingly stroked and sometimes gently redirected when brotherly love turned a little boisterous.

Along with her 37 year commitment to Zeta chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, Mary Ann was also a longtime member of “Women at the Well,“ a women’s group at Los Altos Methodist Church who donate monthly to education and mission projects.

Mary Ann’s son Brent, along with contributions from friends and the members of “Women at the Well,” is funding this scholarship in her name. Quiet, kind and faithful, Mary Ann made lifelong friends during her life, one of whom wrote these words, “If everyone lived such a life as hers, this earth would be a better place.”

The College of Education (CED) expresses gratitude to all scholarship donors who continue to enhance the quality of education students experience at CSULB.


The Mary Ann Turley Memorial Scholarship of Alpha Delta Kappa – Zeta Chapter, is awarded to an outstanding student pursuing a degree in the Educational Technology and Media Leadership program.

The Mary Ann Turley Memorial Scholarship (Alpha Delta Kappa – Zeta Chapter)