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EXTERNAL: Since 2013, Sideline Interactive has given out two annual scholarships per year. Each scholarship will award $1,000 to each winner.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility for our scholarship program is as follows:· Current college / university student, or · High school student accepted to an accredited college or university
We request that all essays be 100% original. Plagiarized work will result in a disqualification this year and all subsequent years that the scholarship is offered. Your writing should be personal and provide specific examples of how sports have turned you into the person you are today.
We’re not looking for an award-winning paper, so feel free to be creative with your essay.
Every paper will be reviewed, but we will not reply to anyone who has not won the scholarship. We will only respond to the winner, but please feel free to submit your essay to us next year if you do not hear back from us.
If you’re submitting your essay for a second or third time, we ask that you submit an original essay each year for the best odds of winning.


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