Beach Shops Textbook Scholarship

CSULB Beach Shops is awarding Day 1 Textbook Access (D1TA) grants for enrolled students. The scholarship will help offset the costs for D1TA charges for students enrolled in 7 units or more. For more information on Day 1 Textbook Access grants visit:

*Must be an Undergraduate student;
*Must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with at least two more semesters before graduation;
*Must be enrolled a minimum of 7 units or more (paying full-time tuition);
*Must have GPA of 2.5 or higher;
*Must remain opted in to receiving Day 1 Textbook Access services;
*Must demonstrate need and not receiving Pell Grant;

Additional Information:
These funds are restricted to paying Day 1 Textbook Access charges for students paying full-time tuition (7 units or more). Opting out of receiving this service can forfeit your scholarship. Funding will release after University Census. University Census is four weeks into the semester.

Up to $125/term to go towards Day 1 Textbook Access