Russel J. and Lila Gallery

Russel J. and Lila Gallery

Lila and Russel Gallery were high school sweethearts, back in the 1950’s. Upon graduation, Lila enrolled in LB State, while Russell worked. During her sophomore year, she designed her wedding gown, in Nona Nelson’s Clothing Design class. In the Spring of ‘58, she modeled her wedding gown, during the opening ceremonies of the new Home Economics building.

They married in January, of 1959. Russell joined the Army, in 1960. Lila graduated in January 1961, and our first daughter was born, six weeks later. Upon completing student teaching and earning a teaching credential, Lila taught Home Economics for fifteen years at the same high school we had both graduated from. Russell entered LB State and earned his BS in Business Administration Finance, in 1963, plus completed many graduate units. He was a manager in the Aerospace Industry, for thirty-five years. In 1975, Lila earned a MA in School Administration, from Pepperdine University, transferred school districts, and worked another twenty-five years as an administrator, retiring with forty years of service.

Lila’s family has a long history in education, dating back to a one room schoolhouse in Indiana, in the early 1900’s. They raised two daughters, both educators, and we have seven grandchildren. Lila says, “Education has aways been something that we both value and feel strongly about. It can open so many doors and provide you a lifetime of opportunities. We are happy to be able to give back something to help the next generation of educators.”

The College of Education (CED) expresses gratitude to all scholarship donors who continue to enhance the quality of education students experience at CSULB.


Russell J. and Lila Gallery wish to establish Russell J. and Lila Gallery Education Scholarship to support student teachers in CSULB’s Credential program. The scholarship is for students in the credential program who dedicated to the teaching profession, during their student teaching semester.

Russel J. and Lila Gallery Education Scholarship