Dr. Sumie Imada

Dr. Sumie Imada

Sumie Imada graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1968 with a Major in English, and a Minor in Fine Arts. She completed her student teaching at Long Beach and began teaching in Paramount, CA in a demonstration school setting, teaching three grades in a team teaching situation for five years. This was an innovative program funded by the Federal Government to increase individualized instruction for each of the students. She then became an Elementary School principal in Paramount for the next twenty- five years, followed by a variety of changes in curriculum each year. Sumie especially enjoyed working with students, parents, and staff to provide guidance, support, and resources. When she retired in 2002, Sumie enjoyed working for CSULB and UCLA training student teachers as they worked at a variety of school sites in the South Bay area.

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To provide a one year scholarship to a California State University, Long Beach student who will begin his/her Student Teaching in the MSCP/UTEACH program. Student Teaching Scholarship can be awarded to a student in financial need, may be in the bilingual program, or in Special Education, working with Elementary or K-9 grade level students.

Dr. Sumie Imada Student Teaching Scholarship