Dr. Samuel Pollach

Dr. Samuel Pollach

Dr. Samuel Pollach was a professor of elementary education in Long Beach, California State College. He was born in 1921 and passed away in 1976 at the age of 54. He received his doctorate from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Pollach was active in working with nursery school children as a parent and officer in a cooperative nursery school for three years. He also acted as a consultant for the San Vicente Cooperative Nursery School for a number of years. Dr. Pollach specialized in the area of teaching mathematics and social science in elementary schools. Dr. Pollach is also active in the CSULB Academic Senate and fought for the right to make nontenured, junior faculty members eligible to run for Senate election. Pollach, a tenured education professor, cited higher turnover rates among nontenured faculty and said that “every effort must be made to make junior faculty feel a part of the total college.”

Publications include: When Do They Learn Geometry? Young Children, Vol. 20, No. 1 (October, 1964), pp. 52-55

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