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Dr. Charles J. Kokaska

Dr. Charles J. Kokaska was with the College of Education for 30 years in which he directed programs leading to the California Special Education Teaching Credential and/or the Resource Specialist Credential and the Master of Science in Special Education. The Credential received specific financial support from the Federal government over the years, which was supervised by Dr. Kokaska. In addition, he published over 80 articles and books, consulted with other training programs throughout the country, directed several professional organizations, and founded the journal, “Career Development for Exceptional Individuals”.


In order to help sustain and ensure the continued success of College of Education special education credential students, Dr. Charles J. Kokaska, established the annual Dr. Charles J. Kokaska Special Education Scholarship. His intent that each scholarship shall cover two consecutive semesters of credential tuition and mandatory fees for one special education credential student in his or her student teaching year.

Dr. Charles J. Kokaska Special Education Scholarship