Annette Movich Abrams Endowed Student Award

Annette Movich Abrams Endowed Student Award

According to the donor Felice Movich Pope, Annette Movich Abrams was a compassionate, caring person with a big heart, intelligence, understanding and insight. Always available to her family and friends, she was a devoted wife, mother of two, aunt and sister. She was my only sibling, just a year older than I, but she always seemed wiser beyond her age. Nettie watched over me, taught me to read, tutored me, and paved the way for scholastic achievement. She was my lifelong role model and my roommate from childhood through college, the latter when we both earned bachelor’s degrees in biology.

Poor health plagued her starting with major eye surgery as a child through the complex of ailments from rheumatoid arthritis. Despite her own health problems, she cared for her critically ill husband and daughter, both disabled by strokes.

Annette Movich Abrams had to make medical, financial, and other major life decisions for her family as well as herself. She had unique inner strength. She was the strong one who kept the family together.

The donor, Felice Movich Pope, while at CSULB earned a master’s degree in counseling, taught Personal and Career Explorations, and was a career counselor. In retirement, Felice taught Plants of the Bible and Quran at UCR Extension, volunteers as an ESL tutor and assists the curator at UCR Botanic Gardens.


To honor her memory, this award is established to provide financial aid and encourage students, by example of the strength of Annette Movich Abrams, to overcome adversity.