Alpha Delta Kappa - Zeta Chapter - Cynthia Clark

Alpha Delta Kappa - Zeta Chapter - Cynthia Clark

Cynthia Clark always knew she wanted to be a teacher. As a child she loved to play school; she worked on the kindergarten playground when she was in sixth grade and taught Sunday school when she was in high school. Cynthia graduated from CSULB in 1962 and began teaching that same year. She later earned her Master’s degree in elementary counseling and worked for 38 years in the Westminster Elementary School District, teaching all grades K-8, administering tests, and volunteer counseling.

Cynthia has been a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, Zeta Chapter for over 30 years and has played an integral part in Zeta’s annual teas that have funded $67,000 in scholarships to students interested in education from CSULB and LBCC. To commemorate her 25 years of service to ADK, members surprised Cynthia by awarding a teacher scholarship in her name at CSULB. She found the experience so gratifying that over the last 3 years, she personally donated scholarships in the name of ADK to CSULB students in the School of Education.

Cynthia Clark’s generosity and professionalism have inspired countless students and adults. This scholarship will help train a new teacher who will inspire tomorrow’s students.

The College of Education (CED) expresses gratitude to all scholarship donors who continue to enhance the quality of education students experience at CSULB.


The Cynthia Clark Scholarship of Alpha Delta Kappa – Zeta Chapter, is awarded to an outstanding student enrolled in the UTEACH program.

The Cynthia Clark Scholarship of Alpha Delta Kappa – Zeta Chapter